Private Lessons by June Jewell, fine/graphic artist

Ages 3 & up

Having an art class of my own has been a dream of mine since I was very young. I am currently a SAHM & have decided to take on some students in Loudoun County, Virginia for private weekend courses. Being creative with young children is one of my favorite things to do. Watching them develop & improve their skills is so rewarding to me. Lessons will be available in your home or my home studio in Leesburg. Each class will be 45 mins. for three year-olds & an hour for fours & up. Parents are, of course welcome to sit in. 

I have explored many different art mediums in the past & would like to share as much as my knowledge as possible. My favorite medium is acrylic painting, but I also enjoy watercolor painting, pencil drawing/charcoal/colored pencil,  pastels, pyrography (woodburning), embroidery, computer illustration, collage, block printing, & silkscreening. 

After the initial starter course, parents & students will pick & choose/ mix & match courses based off of the skill that you would like them to learn. During each class, the child will learn drawing, painting, & color mixing skills, as well as art related vocabulary & history that they may carry with them beyond the lesson. Children are greatly encouraged to draw what they see & demonstrate their new skills in between classes. 

After every 6 classes, Ms. June will present one finished piece from the portfolio either framed or mounted in some way to the child & parent. Also, parents will be given a summary of the classes taken thus far from the child's folder, noting projects done & progress made.

To  view pricing, sign up for a class, or for the mailing list, please email me at


All course prices include preparation, clean up time & materials. 

In The Making 101

This is an introductory course to help me determine the child’s drawing skill level & knowledge of color. Every student must take this class before any of the other classes. We will be making artist portfolios to hold future projects.


General Art

This class can be taken at any time & may be repeated. The students will explore different methods of art with a subject of their own choosing. I will break down each drawing into a step-by-step process.


Self Portraits

Using mirrors, graphite & colored pencils, children will learn to draw what they see, using themselves as a model.


Pastel Still Life

Each child is encouraged to bring some of their favorite things from home, such as toys or stuffed animals. We will choose the best item to draw using pastels & learn how to blend the colors together.


Animal/ Pet Portraits

Each child is asked to bring in a picture of their pets or favorite animal. Images of other animals will be provided. I have plenty of references to choose from & would also be willing to look up pictures of given animal ahead of time.


Abstract Art

We will explore the child’s natural artistic movement with raw brush strokes & will explore mixing colors.


Tee Shirt Painting

Using fabric paint, the child can paint their own designs on one of their own shirts, purchase a shirt, or have one provided for an additional cost. We will plan out what we are going to draw first. If done in my home studio, the child can also have one of my designs silkscreened onto the shirt.


We will explore different fonts & type. Their will be different stencils & cut-outs to choose from. With the given letters, the child will find the letters in his or her own first & last name.



We will use magazine clippings to make their own images. Every one will be different from the last.


Drawing + Optional Stamp Making Class

Using pencils, colored pencils, & markers. We will draw various different subjects. Houses, People, whatever the child wishes. I will break down each drawing into an easy –to-learn step-by-step process. For an additional fee, they will be able to draw a picture on a rubber pad & I will carve into it, making them their own unique stamp.