Small Business Overwhelm

There are entirely too many details surrounding getting a business started. The past few weeks, I've listened to podcast, watched webinars, browsed blogs. Essentially each one had at least one detail I had not yet really considered.

Newsletter? No, those are kind of spammy. But! You can use them in this way & it will really help keep track of your fans. Oh, ok. Sign me up for one of I just have to design it. / Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC / Which shipping method is right for me? Should I get a digital scale?/  On Instagram, do I put things in the stories yet or should I wait until I get more followers to utilize this feature. Tracking followers with excel, tracking expenses, tracking sales, tracking tracking

The list of details continues throughout the day, but mostly has been keeping me up at night. Oh, there's that thing I wanted to get. Light on. Write it down. Light off. Go to sleep already...Oh! But!

Not to mention the fact that I've got Calvin to watch & think about all day. There's such a little amount of time in the day for all of this & I wonder what I'll do if this actually takes off. One step at a time.  

I had a few people look over the site with helpful feedback. I changed a few things. & then a few more things. I added things here & there. I'm glad I gave myself time to get this started before just mindlessly throwing it up. Well, I didn't so much give myself time as I didn't know that I had to wait my current domain name subscription out before I could swap it out. I was going to just cut that old one off there & then & switch over, but this way I have until the 22nd to get my affairs (at least a little more) in order. 

There will always something that should be or could be done, but, at some point, you have to release. I have to put the computer down, look over at my sleeping babe, soak it in, take a deep breath, & find rest myself. <3