24-48 Hours

From 12:01AM this morning, I'm assuming is how long I have to wait for my domain name to shut down with my previous server. There's this strange bit of anxiety surrounding the possibility that it may potentially get scooped up between that time & me attempting to link it to my squarespace account. Right now, it says that the name is taken, but the site is officially down, so now I just wait & keep trying. 

I grew up thinking I had such an original name. June Jewell. I was told how unique it was over & over again, but in the age of google, I now know that not only am I not the only June Jewell, but I'm not even the only June Jewell in the state of Virginia & that there are at least 2 others! :O

Still, I couldn't imagine having had a different name. It's such a natural thing for me to answer. Even now that I've legally had my married name for 2+ years, I will always be June Jewell in my heart & June Jewell in my art. I will continue to sign with my back to back j's.