Be Love With Me Dolls & Guest House Kitchen

In about a month & a half, I will be visiting my mama in New Mexico! I'm excited, but slightly anxious about flying alone with Calvin. It'll all work out, I know. I am bummed about leaving Nick behind, but I think he's  got the shorter stick staying home in an empty house. :( 

I have not seen my mama since last October, which is hard for us as we are close. What I'm most excited about is the bonding between Cali & his Gamma, meeting his grandpa Bill & great-grandma LaVonne, hot springs, my mom's freshly baked breads & pastries, our business brainstorming sessions. I've been having so many possibility-dream like thoughts lately. Last time I was there we were thinking up Not So Typical Baby. I had screen prints & my mom made I think 20 bibs in 2 days. It was a crazy whirlwind of creativity. There's no one here I've really found to be creative with. 

One of my mama's beautiful, handmade dolls. 

One of my mama's beautiful, handmade dolls. 

Anyway, I'm also quite excited to help my mama out with her social media presence. She makes these gorgeous handmade dolls. Here's a link to her Etsy shop if you're interested. She also last year opened up a cottage kitchen in her guest house & has been selling baked yummy goodies at her local farmer's market. She knows most people that frequent the market & sells out most weekends, but I think a facebook group would only help boost sales. I think helping her to market herself will push me to do better marketing my own work.  

I thought I would try to take tonight's entry off of the fact that I have not yet completed this site. I feel so close, but should give myself credit as I only have so much time to work on it each day.