Mood Board Monday-SunRays Through Algae

Similar to my last post, I’m trying to figure how I most want to present myself to the world/ figure out who my client is. SunRays Through Algae is one of the first abstract works I was truly proud of after Calvin was born in 2016. I couldn’t seem to get excited about painting animals, which is what I was doing previous to him being born. I made about dozens of paintings, just trying to get out emotions, focusing more on the process over product.

Mood boards are a fun way for people to see my work in the context of a space & similar color scheme. Obviously I don’t expect the buyer of my work to have dark blue walls, yellow accent rugs, & purple lipstick, but I think it would be really cool if I intuitively made this piece for that person.

There’s a lot that I didn’t include in the image. To see more of the mood board, please visit my Pinterest