Making a vertical pin

I have been struggling with finding a good way to display more of my posts vertically for my Pinterest crowd. More people visit my Pinterest than my FB & IG combined, but my Pinterest has nearly 50,000 pins across my account & maybe only a few dozen lead to my own work. I’m trying to boost that number a bit & also make my work better presented to prospective (visually minded) clients who want to see my work in the context of a room. I was very inspired by another pin I saw that was presented in a similar manner. I made this image in PicsArt App I picked a canvas, dropped images on their own layer, & then cropped it. The top image was just a photo of “Faucet” 30”x40” (which is available btw :) taken with my phone & the bottom was done using the ArtRooms app.

I’m trying to figure out how to sell my art online (which is no easy task) & help out other artists in the process. So these are my resources, let me know if this helps you.


I woke up this morning, less than 24 hours later & I already had 5 saves. It’s by no means viral, but more than I would typically get in a one day period. Vertical pins are where it’s at. If you clicked on the pin, which led you here, “hi!”