Do you hear you?


I’ve been exploring some text art. Much of it can be seen in a few ways. “Do you hear you?” Originally came to me after hearing someone saying some fu[ked thing. I was taken aback. Clearly the country/world is divided on many topics. No magical being is coming to put things right, so we have to each try a little bit harder.

It seems that not everyone has a moral compass. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone sometimes, for real.

I was looking at the painting again today & was reflecting on myself. Do I hear me when I talk to my kids? In my art?

Am I sending the right messages?

Am I being genuine? Kind? My best self?

Ultimately anyone reading this painting would take a moment to consider their conscience.

Do you hear you in your every decision?

Are you following the right path? Ethically? Are you satisfied with your career? Are you holding onto toxic relationships?

What is holding you back from being your best, true self?

For me, I feel as though I’ve gotten a bit complacent. I do a lot of the same things. I have all of these grand goals, but am dealing with a lot of overwhelm.

I want to take life on more purposefully.

I want to model more kindness to my children & to be more physically active. I want to be more political with my art, to share my passions. I’ve been too safe in a lot of ways. I’d like to step up out of my comfort zone & be more bold as my paintings can be, to ROAR!

Feel free to hold me accountable, repeat it back at me “Do you hear you?”