Pigeon Painting Mood Board

Pinterest is my jam. When it first came on the scene, I spent hours upon hours planning Nick & my future wedding, closet, babies & home…& most importantly my art studio.

I have upwards of 48k pins. 0.0 I am an extremely visual person, but jeez, that’s a lot of time spent planning & not doing. Turns out all that pinning really helped me figure out more about who I am as a person, what my aesthetic is & what I want in life. The past week or so I’ve been trying to organize my boards, deleting pins that don’t “spark joy.” It’s a work in progress.

While going through one of my boards, I thought it would fun to make a mood board for one of my paintings, taking items from my existing pins within the color scheme. I went into my Pinterest analytics to see which of my paintings was most popular. Unfortunately, I have not been very good at promoting my own work. In my top 25 (or however many) pins, there’s only 3 of my own pieces. What’s my top pin? A cement planter made with old brooches. It’s a really cool project but it doesn’t have anything to do with me. Second top pin is a pair of shoes.

My third top pin is a picture of two of my paintings I did last year for Tryst Gallery’s LAX show. The pigeon was the first animal that popped in my head when I thought about from my time in LA. & the painting on the right was done using colors I was vibing from baby Daisy in utero. I’ve decided to keep that one as it still screams Daisy to me.

If this was a (Pinterest) fan favorite, I wanted to amplify it. I had to post in my shop first as it is available…most of them are. [:/ There’s still about a hundred pieces I need to list, but that’s a job for another day.] I posted it in my shop, made a post for my FB & IG with a taggable product linking to the item on my website, I also changed the link on the pin to go to my website. I’m not sure if that was the best choice, though.

Past me had already done so much of the work. I just glanced over a few of my favorite boards & put in a few keywords & made a board on Pinterest, then picked out some of my favorite images from the board & brought them in photoshop. I moved them around for about 10 minutes until I was satisfied with the layout.

I want to get better at visualizing my work in other people’s homes, to imagine an ideal client for each work.

“Pigeon Squared” by June Jewell  20”x20”x1.5” acrylic on canvas. $500

“Pigeon Squared” by June Jewell  20”x20”x1.5” acrylic on canvas. $500

Is this something I’m going to do for each artwork? Definitely not. It’s way too time consuming. The only reason I was able to paint these paintings, pin the pins, & write this blog is because I kept taking breaks from them to feed, change, & play with my kiddos . I’d much rather spend time with them, but I’m trying to show my children that I need to focus my attention elsewhere sometimes.

I’m trying to get better about doing work during the day & better utilizing my time. Here’s to hoping.

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Fabric Line


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fabric designer?

Hello all!

In my many years of creating art, I have done things that I occasionally forget about. I sometimes even forget to mention that I'm an artist at all these days now that MOM is so much a part of my identity. As much as I absolutely adore being a mother, I am feeling more & more of a pull to my art as Cal grows older. 

When I was very heavily into vector artwork, I started to submit my designs to Spoonflower & Zazzle as a (very) passive bit of income. I get notifications that I've sold a yard or two or a postcard once every couple of months. It's such a nice surprise. Aww, yay! They like it. 

I wish sometimes that I had more of a drive to create something with the fabric, to start really sewing bags, shirts, dresses, whatever. Goodness knows my wardrobe could use a little color! So much black & gray...ugh. But I can never seem to find something that I like that isn't an arm & a leg for this SAHM wardrobe budget.

Anyway!  I am not especially talented behind a sewing machine. I've made a few bags & pillow cases, but nothing that I was just so proud of that it drove me to work harder & get better. My mama, however, is a crafty sewist. She makes quilts, stuffed animals, & her dolls (which I posted about a little while back). She made Calvin this quilt for my baby shower with pieces of my fabric designs. I see it all of the time & think, I wonder how many of my friends & family even know about this aspect of my practice... 

My Cali Boo cuddling under his Gamma's quilt. 

My Cali Boo cuddling under his Gamma's quilt. 


In order to post a fabric design for sale on Spoonflower, you have to buy at least a swatch of the fabric to test the colors. So I have over a hundred swatches sitting in a box. Wth am I supposed to do with them? I had planned on shopping them around to different upholstery & interior design shops. I contacted a few with no response I don't know maybe 6 years ago & kind of put it in the back of my mind. This quilt is now such a reminder that I need to not only try to market this avenue, but also get back into designing for it, because even if it's not especially profitable, it is such a good feeling when someone buys a yard to make a dress or a pillowcase because they just love squirrels & had to have it.   

The possibilities are endless with fabric. I want to do DIY dolls, pet portraits, custom prints, turn some of my more recent abstract works into fabric. 

So much fun stuff to think about creating, so little time to actually do it. 

Much love,