Day 18/30 of 30 in 30

Today (technically yeserday as it's passed midnight) is day 18 of the passion color joy 30 paintings in 30 days art challenge. I've started 71 pieces since Sept. 1! Whoa. 

Of those 71,  20 are finished. Many others are close. 

The first night I think I started 12 paintings & I think most of those were scrapped (though definitely not thrown away, I will come back to them. I hate throwing art away/wasting) I've been so super inspired & have spent basically every spare moment I can get my grubby little hands on painting like a wild woman. I started doing these watercolor with acrylic background paintings that I had never done.

I have painted on a wide variety of sizes of canvas & paper. I had originally cut out 20 pieces of paper, prepped 30 canvases & was going to focus on working on just those with a strict color pallet. That did not happen. I started the month only really painting an hour each night, but some days was able to get as many as 3-4 hours, which I hope to make a more regular thing. I didn't have one moment where I was like, dang what am I going to paint tonight?

I just sat down & painted & I am honestly so proud of myself. I tried out some new color combinations I wouldn't have ordinarily chosen, some forms I wasn't quite sure if I liked, but I stuck with it. I obviously have some pieces that need some tweaking, but even to say that I've done 20 pieces in 18 days is such an accomplishment for me. Honestly there's only 1 or 2 pieces that I really truly enjoy & want to hang up. &(!) they're both pink, which I would not have expected myself to like. I'm a big time green & blue with a subtle yellow, orange, maybe pink kind of girl. 

This challenge only further proves that I have to make sure to carve out time for art. I've spent many of the nights listening to the Jealous Curator podcast from the beginning while painting. It's so inspirational, there's so much great advice. 

One of my favorite bits was "make piles of crap. " Not everything is going to be mind blowing, I've come to terms that my work is very experimental & that a lot of my work is going to be more of a lesson on how to get to where I want to be. Actually, it's more of a lesson on letting go of where I want to be & just going where the inspiration takes me. 

Let art happen.  

If on August 31st, you would've asked me what I wanted to do with these 30 days & shown me this collection of work that I've done in the past 18 days, I don't know that I would've believed you. Some of this work is so not the typical work that I would do, but I'm still pleased with it. 

I have a trip coming up in a few days to NM to see my mom with my 15 month old son. I hope I'll be able to get some painting done there, but since I don't get back until Oct. 4th, this might just be all I have to show for this month. I'm ok with that. It's more than I can say I've done in one month in probably years. 

I will definitely be pushing myself more in the future. 


30 in 30

For some reason, this month, I've decided to take part of Passion Color Joy's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Earlier this week, we took a trip to the beach & later in the month, I'm taking Cali to NM solo, so this should be interesting. The first night I went crazy. I must've started 10. 

Today is day 9 & my brain is absolute mush. I have tapped into some new methods I will be continuing with in the future, but I have not started 9 paintings, or even 30, but have at least started somewhere around 40 paintings, most smaller pieces, some on canvas, some on paper. All of them are abstracts. I had started with the intent on doing a limited color scheme & wanting to do a certain amount of each size, & a certain amount paper vs. canvas. Well, that went out the window fast. It doesn't look as cohesive as I'd like, but I've already learned a lot about my process. It needs improvement. I'm too easily distracted, too impulsive. Who knows? It may pay off in the end. 

I only have from around 10:10 PM - about 11 to work on my art each night. Some nights I work on watercolors in bed, but mainly that's my window. Nick had time off this last week, so I was able to focus on it a little more & tomorrow's Sunday, so I hope to get a little more in then, too.

So? Where am I? Do I have 9 finished pieces? Honestly? I don't know if I even have 1 that I'm completely satisfied with. I have quite a few that are finished...as in I'm not touching them anymore. Ok, there are a few that I like, but not really my usual taste. They're growing on me.

I will post the complete 30 when I return from NM in early Oct., but until then, you can see them on my instagram, www.instagram.com/junejewell 

This one reminds me of Matisse's The Dance.

This one reminds me of Matisse's The Dance.

This is watercolor & acrylic. Not the best picture as it's a much bigger photo, but this is what I had on my phone, so we'll go with it. 

This is watercolor & acrylic. Not the best picture as it's a much bigger photo, but this is what I had on my phone, so we'll go with it.