Likely Tomorrow

I'm excited to get this up & running. It looks way better than my current site & has a shop, which I'm extremely thrilled about. Bye bye Etsy! I did a lot of the branding stuff tonight, banners, logo, sale signage, etc. on Nick's computer as I do not have Illustrator or Photoshop on my computer anymore since my old laptop died. 

I still want to list a few more paintings & possibly some prints for sale & have to work out the billing, canceling my other host & transferring my domain name. My domain was about to expire anyway, so this may be more or less complicated, I'm not sure. Anyway, I've got a little more work to do before bed. Goodnight, WWW! <3

Almost There

I'm getting closer each day. Tonight I uploaded about 12 paintings into the shop as well as found some old paintings on my external hard drive to add to my archives. I am thinking I would like to create a page for previously designed logos & invites. I have done a number of both, but will have to do some searching on my external hard drive & possibly even get someone to unload all of my old hard drive from my craptastic mactop, which won't even turn on. 

Last night Nick came up to bed at 1AM & asked what I was doing. "Working on my website. This is the only time I'm able to do this." It's now 12:35AM. Today was a long day. Maybe I ought to hit the hay a little earlier tonight. This doesn't have to go up tomorrow. 

All Day Long

I kept thinking about tonight, about what I was going to do, what piece of this whole puzzle I was going to work on. I got a few pictures of pieces I want to sell today, but nothing fancy, no staged, beautifully styled photos. They're just simple photos & it lead me to want to set up an area in my home where I can take the beautifully staged photos, a place with good lighting. My house is surrounded by trees, so any window is only good for a few set hours & then darkness falls. It makes me miss Photoshop. Honestly I hate color correcting, though. I feel like you're not ever going to know the true colors until it's in your hands, right in front of you & even then what you see may be different from the person next to you. 

Ok, back to posting paintings so I can think about launching this thing. :)

Switching Website Hosts

As I lay here in bed with my 13 month old at my side, I am excited about the future. I love my life. I am able to stay home to my sweet baby boy, I have an adoring husband, I paint when I am able. & now, I am taking this next step toward selling more work. I've sold a piece here & there in the past, but mostly my paintings are gifts & for the enjoyment of us & guests of our home. Right now, my art is all over the walls, piled in my studio (our dining room), & buried away in a storage unit the next town over. Soon, however, I will open my shop to the world wide web. Who knows what that means for us? I do know that it will mean trying to take more pictures of my work while my babe clings to my feet, signing for milk & tugging at my shirt. That already happens often & is the reason I have not done this sooner.

I thought that becoming a stay-at-home mom meant that there would be so much time to paint while he napped & at night when he was asleep, but he often nurses to sleep for naps & wakes if I move from him. At night we co-sleep, which I love, but does not allow for much work. Mostly I just listen to podcasts, doodle, or search my Instagram feed. Soon, though, I hope to be posting more work, contemplating fun titles for my works, looking for inspiration for future paintings, planning out commissions, etc. I hope that I can become better at time management & can get this small business off the ground running. 

I have so many hopes for the future. I've always wanted to write & illustrate a children's book, teach more classes, maybe even start a gallery. For now I shall focus on one thing at a time. Getting this site together the way I want it, listing photos, reformatting text from my old site, etc. Actually, right now I have to focus on getting some sleep. This has waited a long while, it can certainly wait another day or two. 

Much love,