30 in 30

For some reason, this month, I've decided to take part of Passion Color Joy's 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. Earlier this week, we took a trip to the beach & later in the month, I'm taking Cali to NM solo, so this should be interesting. The first night I went crazy. I must've started 10. 

Today is day 9 & my brain is absolute mush. I have tapped into some new methods I will be continuing with in the future, but I have not started 9 paintings, or even 30, but have at least started somewhere around 40 paintings, most smaller pieces, some on canvas, some on paper. All of them are abstracts. I had started with the intent on doing a limited color scheme & wanting to do a certain amount of each size, & a certain amount paper vs. canvas. Well, that went out the window fast. It doesn't look as cohesive as I'd like, but I've already learned a lot about my process. It needs improvement. I'm too easily distracted, too impulsive. Who knows? It may pay off in the end. 

I only have from around 10:10 PM - about 11 to work on my art each night. Some nights I work on watercolors in bed, but mainly that's my window. Nick had time off this last week, so I was able to focus on it a little more & tomorrow's Sunday, so I hope to get a little more in then, too.

So? Where am I? Do I have 9 finished pieces? Honestly? I don't know if I even have 1 that I'm completely satisfied with. I have quite a few that are in I'm not touching them anymore. Ok, there are a few that I like, but not really my usual taste. They're growing on me.

I will post the complete 30 when I return from NM in early Oct., but until then, you can see them on my instagram, 

This one reminds me of Matisse's The Dance.

This one reminds me of Matisse's The Dance.

This is watercolor & acrylic. Not the best picture as it's a much bigger photo, but this is what I had on my phone, so we'll go with it. 

This is watercolor & acrylic. Not the best picture as it's a much bigger photo, but this is what I had on my phone, so we'll go with it. 

24-48 Hours

From 12:01AM this morning, I'm assuming is how long I have to wait for my domain name to shut down with my previous server. There's this strange bit of anxiety surrounding the possibility that it may potentially get scooped up between that time & me attempting to link it to my squarespace account. Right now, it says that the name is taken, but the site is officially down, so now I just wait & keep trying. 

I grew up thinking I had such an original name. June Jewell. I was told how unique it was over & over again, but in the age of google, I now know that not only am I not the only June Jewell, but I'm not even the only June Jewell in the state of Virginia & that there are at least 2 others! :O

Still, I couldn't imagine having had a different name. It's such a natural thing for me to answer. Even now that I've legally had my married name for 2+ years, I will always be June Jewell in my heart & June Jewell in my art. I will continue to sign with my back to back j's.



Small Business Overwhelm

There are entirely too many details surrounding getting a business started. The past few weeks, I've listened to podcast, watched webinars, browsed blogs. Essentially each one had at least one detail I had not yet really considered.

Newsletter? No, those are kind of spammy. But! You can use them in this way & it will really help keep track of your fans. Oh, ok. Sign me up for one of I just have to design it. / Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC / Which shipping method is right for me? Should I get a digital scale?/  On Instagram, do I put things in the stories yet or should I wait until I get more followers to utilize this feature. Tracking followers with excel, tracking expenses, tracking sales, tracking tracking

The list of details continues throughout the day, but mostly has been keeping me up at night. Oh, there's that thing I wanted to get. Light on. Write it down. Light off. Go to sleep already...Oh! But!

Not to mention the fact that I've got Calvin to watch & think about all day. There's such a little amount of time in the day for all of this & I wonder what I'll do if this actually takes off. One step at a time.  

I had a few people look over the site with helpful feedback. I changed a few things. & then a few more things. I added things here & there. I'm glad I gave myself time to get this started before just mindlessly throwing it up. Well, I didn't so much give myself time as I didn't know that I had to wait my current domain name subscription out before I could swap it out. I was going to just cut that old one off there & then & switch over, but this way I have until the 22nd to get my affairs (at least a little more) in order. 

There will always something that should be or could be done, but, at some point, you have to release. I have to put the computer down, look over at my sleeping babe, soak it in, take a deep breath, & find rest myself. <3

Be Love With Me Dolls & Guest House Kitchen

In about a month & a half, I will be visiting my mama in New Mexico! I'm excited, but slightly anxious about flying alone with Calvin. It'll all work out, I know. I am bummed about leaving Nick behind, but I think he's  got the shorter stick staying home in an empty house. :( 

I have not seen my mama since last October, which is hard for us as we are close. What I'm most excited about is the bonding between Cali & his Gamma, meeting his grandpa Bill & great-grandma LaVonne, hot springs, my mom's freshly baked breads & pastries, our business brainstorming sessions. I've been having so many possibility-dream like thoughts lately. Last time I was there we were thinking up Not So Typical Baby. I had screen prints & my mom made I think 20 bibs in 2 days. It was a crazy whirlwind of creativity. There's no one here I've really found to be creative with. 

One of my mama's beautiful, handmade dolls.&nbsp;

One of my mama's beautiful, handmade dolls. 

Anyway, I'm also quite excited to help my mama out with her social media presence. She makes these gorgeous handmade dolls. Here's a link to her Etsy shop if you're interested. She also last year opened up a cottage kitchen in her guest house & has been selling baked yummy goodies at her local farmer's market. She knows most people that frequent the market & sells out most weekends, but I think a facebook group would only help boost sales. I think helping her to market herself will push me to do better marketing my own work.  

I thought I would try to take tonight's entry off of the fact that I have not yet completed this site. I feel so close, but should give myself credit as I only have so much time to work on it each day. 


It seems...

the more I do to the website, the more I want to add. I want to get better about editing down my work, but instead I keep adding layers & can't figure out when to stop. Sometimes I go too far & regret it. At least with this, I can always go back & delete something if I don't like it. Paintings don't quite work like that. I know I keep saying this, but we're getting close!

I was way off...

I keep finding new things to add. It's still coming along nicely. I only have 8 days to upgrade from the trial version, so it will definitely done before then! More paintings to list & more content to organize. But first, sleep! <3

Likely Tomorrow

I'm excited to get this up & running. It looks way better than my current site & has a shop, which I'm extremely thrilled about. Bye bye Etsy! I did a lot of the branding stuff tonight, banners, logo, sale signage, etc. on Nick's computer as I do not have Illustrator or Photoshop on my computer anymore since my old laptop died. 

I still want to list a few more paintings & possibly some prints for sale & have to work out the billing, canceling my other host & transferring my domain name. My domain was about to expire anyway, so this may be more or less complicated, I'm not sure. Anyway, I've got a little more work to do before bed. Goodnight, WWW! <3

Almost There

I'm getting closer each day. Tonight I uploaded about 12 paintings into the shop as well as found some old paintings on my external hard drive to add to my archives. I am thinking I would like to create a page for previously designed logos & invites. I have done a number of both, but will have to do some searching on my external hard drive & possibly even get someone to unload all of my old hard drive from my craptastic mactop, which won't even turn on. 

Last night Nick came up to bed at 1AM & asked what I was doing. "Working on my website. This is the only time I'm able to do this." It's now 12:35AM. Today was a long day. Maybe I ought to hit the hay a little earlier tonight. This doesn't have to go up tomorrow. 

All Day Long

I kept thinking about tonight, about what I was going to do, what piece of this whole puzzle I was going to work on. I got a few pictures of pieces I want to sell today, but nothing fancy, no staged, beautifully styled photos. They're just simple photos & it lead me to want to set up an area in my home where I can take the beautifully staged photos, a place with good lighting. My house is surrounded by trees, so any window is only good for a few set hours & then darkness falls. It makes me miss Photoshop. Honestly I hate color correcting, though. I feel like you're not ever going to know the true colors until it's in your hands, right in front of you & even then what you see may be different from the person next to you. 

Ok, back to posting paintings so I can think about launching this thing. :)

Switching Website Hosts

As I lay here in bed with my 13 month old at my side, I am excited about the future. I love my life. I am able to stay home to my sweet baby boy, I have an adoring husband, I paint when I am able. & now, I am taking this next step toward selling more work. I've sold a piece here & there in the past, but mostly my paintings are gifts & for the enjoyment of us & guests of our home. Right now, my art is all over the walls, piled in my studio (our dining room), & buried away in a storage unit the next town over. Soon, however, I will open my shop to the world wide web. Who knows what that means for us? I do know that it will mean trying to take more pictures of my work while my babe clings to my feet, signing for milk & tugging at my shirt. That already happens often & is the reason I have not done this sooner.

I thought that becoming a stay-at-home mom meant that there would be so much time to paint while he napped & at night when he was asleep, but he often nurses to sleep for naps & wakes if I move from him. At night we co-sleep, which I love, but does not allow for much work. Mostly I just listen to podcasts, doodle, or search my Instagram feed. Soon, though, I hope to be posting more work, contemplating fun titles for my works, looking for inspiration for future paintings, planning out commissions, etc. I hope that I can become better at time management & can get this small business off the ground running. 

I have so many hopes for the future. I've always wanted to write & illustrate a children's book, teach more classes, maybe even start a gallery. For now I shall focus on one thing at a time. Getting this site together the way I want it, listing photos, reformatting text from my old site, etc. Actually, right now I have to focus on getting some sleep. This has waited a long while, it can certainly wait another day or two. 

Much love,