Partly Cloudy - C 9"x12"


This 9"x12" original acrylic painting on canvas is 1 of 3 this size. The three “sister” paintings were done using the same color palette. They can be sold separately at $200 or together as a set for $550. Please contact me before purchasing to reserve all 3.

Shipping & handling is only available within the U.S. & is $55 each, though a discount of $25 each will apply if purchasing more than 1. If you live within or near Loudoun County, I’d be happy to arrange a pick up for free or drop-off for a small fee. Please contact me via contact form or via email for more info.

50% of the ‘Bright Gray’ painted series by june jewell will be equally split between two childhood cancer non-profits, Kate’s Cause & Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation. The donations will continue until all of the paintings from the series have sold.

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